In the Cloud or Grounded?

I have commented extensively (and will continue to do so) on the growth of Cloud Computing, specifically relating to SaaS or Internet based accounting as I prefer to call it. But what of those “in between applications” – terminal server based – which can’t seem to make up their minds as to whether they are in the Cloud or  Grounded!

I had an issue recently with a new client for whom I am going to be undertaking an outsourcing assignment which will include reviewing their accounting input and preparing monthly management accounts etc.

The client wanted to use Mamut – fair enough – but the problems started when I tried to arrange access to start work on the assignment. First issue – licence! Mamut insisted that the client paid an additional licence fee to enable accountant access. What’s more this access is limited to review only, as any data entry would cost three times more!

The other problem is that my company’s firewall prevents access to terminal server applications – I can’t believe we are alone in this.

Surely this defeats the whole purpose of Cloud Computing – one of the main advantages of which is ease of access from anywhere without involving any software downloads. If there is going to be considerable extra cost of accountant access then this is only going to restrict take up further.

..and what is the point of it. Is it a sort of cop out – no development for a full web based version but providing remote access… of a sort.

I don’t see it … but would be interested to hear what the perceived advantages are over a full web based version. If SAP can do it surely others can follow.


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