DNA Databases – fuss about nothing?

I am at a loss to understand the latest controversy about the length of time DNA samples are kept on Police databases.

As I understand it, the current position is that if someone is arrested, for any reason, a sample of their DNA is taken and kept on the database, irrespective of whether or not the individual is charged or found guilty.

Surely, the key phrase is ..”if someone is arrested”. As far as I am aware, people are not stopped in the street and forced to give a DNA sample .. they have presumably done something or been somewhere that has resulted in their coming to the attention of the authorities in the first place.

So the answer is simple ..don’t do anything you shouldn’t be doing and you won’t have to give a sample. And even if you happen to “innocently” be caught up in a G20 demo and end up being arrested and then released without charge, provided you don’t go on to offend sometime in the future you will have no problem.

Maybe it is an oversimplification, but I really don’t see what the fuss is about!


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