MP’s expenses – enough already

The arguments and publicity regarding MP’s expenses are in danger of becoming hysterical – with the result that  we might end up throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

The excesses needed to be brought into the open and, more importantly, brought to an end. But  in most cases, the MP’s were  claiming within the rules and, if the rules allow for a £4,000 TV to be claimed, or for both husband and wife to claim for a separate second home, then it is the rules that are at fault and  not necessarily those MP’s who claimed within them.

That is not to say that claiming for Mortgages already repaid isn’t bordering on fraud or selling a 2nd home and not paying CGT shouldn’t receive  the full investigative processes of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Of course it should, and the rotten apples should be thrown out of the barrel. But for the most part MP’s are operating within a very lax set of rules which are  inappropriate for today’s more austere circumstances. The rules need to be changed – and changed quickly.

As far as second homes are concerned, the simple solution would be for the constituency home to be the main home and for the London residence to be the second home for which a fixed amount is received. MP’s who live within – say – the M25 should not be allowed to claim.

Whatever is decided, it needs to be done quickly. There is an election due withiin 12  months and if the current hysteria continues, the more radical parties such as the BNP are going  to benefit from the general level of dissatisfaction with the mainstream parties.

It is not an exageration to state that  Democracy itself is at stake.


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  1. I have argued that the ‘expense scandal’ is but a culmination of the steady decline of the relationship between politicians and the public. Many believe that MP’s in general and this government in particular is not listening to them and that there is nothing that they can do about it. So, now apathy has turned into antipathy. Politicians from all parties need to understand the fundamentals if they are to restore confidence and that will mean a damn sight more listening than talking. I also think some new blood in parliament is necessary, either through deselection within mainstream parties or the voting in of genuine independents. In other words, the mainstream can offer us alternatives (new blood) within their own ranks or we may choose to vote for so called cleanskins.

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