The Democratic requirement for a General Election

Gordon Brown’s pathetic attempts to cling onto office flies in the face of everything our democracy should stand for.

Apart from the fact that the electorate never had the opportunity to vote for him as Prime Minister in the first place  – and yes I know that this is not a requirement of our constitution, but it should be – it is quite obvious that the electorate are calling for a General Election now.

The Prime Minister’s refusal to acknowledge this and the desperate attempts to cling to office are more relevant to a tinpot dictatorship than they are to the world’s greatest Democracy. Ministers who are more interested in holding onto their jobs than answering the call of their constituents, are equally to blame. They should have the guts to tell the Prime Minister to go to the country now – let him leave No 10 in dignity rather than disgrace!


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  1. Since when did they ever think of anything but themselves first?

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