My take on Twitter

I am a relative newbe when it comes to Twitter. With a modest 90+ followers I am a long way from the likes of @StephenFry or even @BookMarkLee who has written an excellent summary of the way that he uses Twitter.

However, I thought that I would add my halfpenny worth to the discussion with my personal view on how I have found Twitter working for me.

I must confess to being somewhat sceptical at the outset, and couldn’t see why information that so and so had just made a cup of coffee (or in some cases, done something a lot more personal!) could be of any interest to anyone – and I must say that is still the case. But when I realised that the medium could become considerably more focused and targeted, it became much more interesting.

As regular readers of my blogs will know, my particular area of interest is Cloud Computing with special reference to SaaS applications relating to the accounting world. Now, writing a blog is one thing – getting someone – anyone – to read it is another. And this is where Twitter comes in.

By using Twitter as a medium for directing traffic to my blog, I have built up a small but steady following which would never have existed otherwise. I have now exchanged comments and thoughts with interesting people from all over the world and have started to develop a modest reputation as a commentator in this area. I suppose that in some respects it is a modern day equivalent to having numerous pen pals (no wonder Royal Mail is in such trouble!)

Another aspect of Twitter is as a provision of interesting and relevant information as commented on and re-tweeted by those that I am following. To anyone familiar with RSS feeds – a method whereby relevant site information is downloaded directly to your browser – Twitter becomes an RSS feed with a personal face.

It is also an excellent Networking tool, and for those so inclined, it provides a great opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts with people with similar interests. I have had a number of useful networking meetings and conversations which have originated from Twitter exchanges -I must add that it is a very strange experience meeting up with someone for the first time and, as a result of seeing their Twitter image, having a deja -vue moment!

Have I generated new business from it – no, but to be fair that hadn’t been my intention. Have I found an audience for my thoughts and ideas on my favourite topics – most definitely.

Have I become a celebrity as a result – well not yet, but I have made it to Accounting Web’s Ten accountants to follow on Twitter list – does that count?


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