Travelling Light

I am writing this blog, sitting in the kitchen at my son’s home in Brussels where my wife and I are visiting for the weekend. As usual when I travel abroad, I have my trusted Iphone – wouldn’t go anywhere without that – and my acer net book.

It occurs to me as I type this, that all of my PC content is now stored in the Cloud and that everything I need to access is readily available irrespective of what computer I use. What’s more, I think that most of what I need to look at at any one time can be viewed on my Iphone – and no doubt the Ipad when I get it – which makes obsolete the requirement to lug around loads of equipment.

It is the way of the future no doubt.


One Response

  1. I know what you mean Richard.
    I’ll be spending a few days in Nottingham next month and yet my business will continue as if nothing was different. I simply need my phone, my macbook and an internet connection.

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