Sage – you’ve got to love them (not!)

This is a true story (only the names and a few of the facts have been changed to protect the innocent!)

A client rings me the other day ..”I have a bit of a problem. I need to get my accounts done very urgently… problems with the bank etc. Can you turn them round quickly for me?”

“No worries” I say (always helpful) “send me the records and we can get started on it.”

“It should be a lot easier this year” he says, ” I am using Sage and I can send you the back up file by email and you can get going”

My heart sinks – I know what is going to happen next but being the resolute kind of guy I am, I duly forward the backup to my trusty assistant, Marilyn and task her to get on with it. Delegation is the key!

A few hours later I wander into the general office to see how she is getting on, but of Marilyn there is no sign. A few minutes later the phone on my desk rings.

After some dust induced coughing and spluttering the voice on the other end says “Boss, its Marilyn – I understand you were looking for me”, ( she didn’t really say Boss, but it sounds good when they do it on the TV) “I’m in the old store room in the basement.”

“I suppose there is a good reason for that” I say – always sympathetic to my staff.

“Well, you know the Sage backup you sent me – it’s an earlier version than the one I have on my laptop…. and after much hunting around the only PC we have running this version is in the store room, so I am down here trying to down load the info…”

Now there is a moral to this story and for those who are familiar with my favourite topic I don’t need to explain further. To the Sage enthusiasts in dusty storerooms everywhere, good luck to you!



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