The mobile office – here, there – Cafe Rouge

I had a meeting the other day with a new client to discuss setting her up on E-conomic.As it happened the office boardrooms were fully booked, so armed with my trusty Acer netbook, we de-camped to the local Cafe Rouge and had our meeting there.

Meeting in the surroundings of the local hostelry made a nice change – the refreshments were certainly better than I would have got in the office – but what we all seem to take for granted is, that with the benefit of the local wi-fi service I had full access to what I would have shown the client had we remained in the office.

The ability to work anytime anywhere is a feature of 21st century living and one which we very quickly accept as being the norm. The technology behind it never ceases to fascinate me and the ability with which we can interact with the cloud is one of the wonders of modern life.

Maybe I am easily pleased – but I hope we never get too blasé about what is available.

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